Oh dear

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Gary Bright
People asking about PCUK returning at all. It won't be happening. Mr Potter told them to leave. Lots of rumours were flying around yesterday about what happened, but PCUK have asked that the incident not be discussed as it may project the charity in a bad light. But the truth is Mr Potter for whatever reasons had PCUK removed.

The BDO fought tooth and nail to stop this happening. Unfortunately Mr Potter wasn't to be persuaded differently. Posts by various people on various social media sites have been removed at the request of PCUK. Posts by followers supporters and representatives of both the BDO and PCUK. The hierarchy at PCUK feel this is the best course of action.

I hope this helps clear things a little. People may speculate and rumours may indeed spread, that is just human nature I suppose. I think tho knowing Mr Potter had PCUK removed says enough in my opinion. Whatever the reason !!